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Insurance in Turkey

Insurance in TurkeyInsurance in Turkey is mandatory and provided for by the country's legislation. According to the law, all Turkish citizens and foreign citizens staying in the country must have compulsory health insurance.
Compulsory health insurance in Turkey covers the costs of medical care provided under the public health system. In addition, it is possible to purchase additional health insurance, which may cover additional medical services and treatment in private medical institutions.

Also in Turkey, car insurance is mandatory, which includes insurance against civil liability to third parties, insurance against theft and insurance against damage to the vehicle. Compulsory car insurance in Turkey is issued upon registration of the car and is provided for a year.

Additionally, in Turkey you can get home insurance, accident insurance and other types of insurance.
Registration of insurance in Turkey can be carried out both through local insurance companies and through foreign insurance companies with representative offices in Turkey. When choosing an insurance company, it is recommended to pay attention to its reputation and financial stability.

In general, insurance in Turkey is an important aspect of life in the country and can protect against possible financial risks in the event of an accident or illness.
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